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Aug 2011
Your eyes stunning pools, dark with rings of light around the edge.
I couldn’t look away; divulging secrets in whispers through our eyes, hands, lips.
Our faces flushed with desire, excitement, and the touch of alcohol.
Your arms around my neck and your laughter in my ears; beautiful.

3 a.m. coffee break.

Two steaming mugs and you; bare legs dangling from the counter.
You nudge the cup in my direction with a sleep mused smile and a brush of fingers.
I aim for your lips instead and run my hands up, up, up; you shudder and melt into me.

Lazy days filled with bed sheets, tacks, and pillow fights.
Five years old again and building forts when we should be cleaning the apartment.
Our first Sunday off together in who knows how long.
Your hair looks like a rats nest but your eyes are full of mischief.
I've never seen you so tempting.
You pull your hair into a sloppy bun, give me a saucy wink, and race from the bedroom.
I can't help but shake my head at your antics; I give chase regardless, following your laughter into the kitchen.

'She’s like that book in the back of your closet.
The one you’d been saving for one of those perfect rainy days;
only to realize too late that you have somehow misplaced it.'
Taryn Bertollini
Written by
Taryn Bertollini
   Sarah R and Raj Arumugam
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