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Aug 2011
Bring back the days of rooftop dwelling and starry eyed drinks.

The 4 a.m. late nighters filled with drug induced conversations.

You and I cuddled up on the ledge with only a thin blanket and our dreams to keep us warm.

We spoke of life, the universe, and everything; and I remember wondering if our passion would last.

We talked and ****** and laughed our childhood away and now, barely adults, we are already so jaded.

Unsure of who we are and where we are going.

And on these lonely nights when I long for the intimacy of your arms and the sunlight of your voice, I reach back for those moments of our youth.

Flip through them as if to memorize the details I forgot.

Trying to hold on to something all ready so faded so that I can always remember the time before this little girl grew up to find that fairy tales are myth.

A time before she realized without a doubt that her prince would never show and settled into the arms of someone who would never deserve her.

On these lonely nights when reality becomes too much,
I think of rooftop dwelling and starry eyed drinks, but above all, I think of you, remembering when we were just two little kids filled with hope, and I find myself again.
Taryn Bertollini
Written by
Taryn Bertollini
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