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May 2015
Waking up, another day, another sip to drown the pain, but **** it all and let it drain, and down it pours like falling rain. I do it all yet all in vain just like a ****** into their veins; to get a rush, emotions flushed, their minds they cleanse, it never ends.

Another hit, another bump, another shot I'm waking up. Hit me hard, hit me now, just one more, just let me drown. I crave escape, I cannot wait, the demons wail, hot on my trail, in my pursuit they never fail. My thoughts collapse, I'm feeling trapped, my true potential remains untapped.

A complete disgrace, the years erased, and through it all I cannot face, the things I've said and things I've done, the pathetic man that I've become. To those I've known, those I've loved, to parents who miss their fading son; just me forget, I won't regret, no consequence I'll ever fret.

Just one last drink and I'll be fine, disillusioned lullabies, to keep me safe, keep me warm, I only need what I've come to scorn, but such is life and so I'll fade, like a distant sun when cometh rain, just one last time to cleanse the pain, an empty shell, all that remains.

Mark Edwards Jr
Written by
Mark Edwards Jr  30/M/Oregon
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