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May 2015
------ ------ ------

time may be the fire in which we burn
but without that flame in the sky we would not be

and with each trip our little blue marble makes
we are given a new chance to see

dawn brings the promise of a clean slate
a fresh canvas of possibility

yet it's the tiny heartbreaks of everyday
that resonate with me

no kiss goodbye
waking up alone
fighting over nothing
friends don't answer their phones

trading life for money
coworkers aren't paid to care
all these expectations
lead only to despair

until the flame is setting and we're cast into the dark
over analyzing time past and future not promised

to live within each moment is the daily goal
being is a burden and yet the only solace
I'm more of a prose sorta person.
Mandee Patterson
Written by
Mandee Patterson  Hell
   Shaun Meehan and Deadmute
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