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May 2015
I am a monarch
I haven't always been this way
I hide among the flowers in plain view
Inaudible from a distance
Indiscernible to the unobservant
I am camouflaged by the Earth
But when I spread my wings,
There is nothing as beautiful

I am a monarch
A silent governess,
I rule from the trenches
Unbeknownst to the governed.
I rule with empathy and patience
I do not give a ****
About your blind loyalty or compensation

I only wish to watch others
Learn to spread their wings too.

I am a monarch.
I say this as if I have something to prove.
Though only to myself
Do I need to remind
Over and over again,
Until these words make sense
Coming from my lips,
Until I feel my impossibly small body
Flutter from the Earth--

I am a monarch.
Written by
     NM, HRTsOnFyR and Erenn
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