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May 2015
Mother told me to get a man as soon as I could
Guess she thought I'd be "unlucky"
So when a man finally came along
I wanted to say
Marry me, he says
It's MY finger
Love me, he says
It's MY feelings
**** me, he says
It's MY ******
Wear this, he says
It's MY body
Be mine, he says
I am MY own person
However I succumbed and married him
Only to have 3 affairs
2 children
and the saddest life in the closet
never able to be my true self.
I should have said all along
Don't rush me
I hope I never become this,
It is my biggest fear
Just thought I would share it with all of you
Lachrymose and Lies
Written by
Lachrymose and Lies  In a tormented mind
(In a tormented mind)   
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