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May 2015
I've always been very good at video games,
I've got a natural knack for them.
But I've always encountered a specific problem
I can never seem to be rid of.
"You are over-encumbered, you cannot move"
yet again
I've stuffed my pack full
of weapons clothes
things I don't need
but get attached too.
I slay unimportant people
and make homes for myself
during my travels,
so I'll always have a familiar place to stay
because my weakness
is that I'm never fully invested in the missions and quests,
but interested in the world itself.
So I pick things up
keep them to myself
physical objects that add so much weight I cannot move--
to match the real world
where I'm over-encumbered with all this emotional distress
that I start collecting
and hoarding
--movie posters mostly--
most people have never seen my room
those who have
gasp in awe
for it is beautiful
filled with a thousand different interesting little things--
but also an unspoken understanding
that I am a hoarder,
that this many things is not natural
but I cling to them,
I've got to cling to something
can't throw this bottle out
it's got a good memory
and I've got so few good memories...
No matter how hard I try
to focus on the quest
I get wrapped up in the world
the character
and once again-- the message pops up
"You are over-encumbered, you cannot move"
and it's so right,,,
as long as I've got this weight,
I can't go anywhere.
I have no choice
but to decide what's best
what's necessary,
and leave the rest behind.

If only it were as easy in real life
as it is in video games.
sometimes I panic and rip the posters down and start shoving everything in plastic bags--resolving to throw it all away-- become a minimalist and start again-- but I need these things, I don't, but I do I need to fill up the emptiness inside. I know it doesn't work, but I try anyways.
Fish The Pig
Written by
Fish The Pig
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