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May 2015
Young man with braided hair.
"But that's for girls!"
Yet he does not care.
Through braids, he's one with the natural world

Elaborate feathered head dress
Upon a woman's head.
"Those are simply meaningless."
But the tradition is not dead.

"Aboriginals are lazy."
They hunt and skin animals everyday
This renders you crazy!
Very hard work, I would say.

You call them uneducated,
For "They are not smart."
They should not be degraded.
You've been different from the start.

"Their skin is always red."
You may be fairly close.
But their hearts are not dead.
Like yours, each beat is a song note.

"They live off of alcohol."
That's a fairly generic thought.
It's not the case at all.
We've given reason to drink to numb the pain.

DarkΒ Β hair and dark eyes,
Is how they're often seen
In this racist world we live in.
Perhaps, we only see what's skin deep.....
Gulshan bhardwaj
Written by
Gulshan bhardwaj  India
     Abir d'cruze, Erenn and Rapunzoll
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