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Aug 2011
I was crying alone, all alone on the hill.
The moon was bright and it shining on me.
It grew a face and long flowing hair.
Then a voice said, “Don’t be scared”.

She said, “You’ve got to stop living in fear, young child,
Or you won’t live at all.”
She said, “Come over here, young child, and whisper away your fears”

I said, “My Daddy’s at the window and he’s scaring me.”
I said, “I miss him but don’t let him in”
I said, “Daddy I love you but I do. But I don’t”
“So don’t come in because I know that you won’t”

He said, “I know I failed you, young child,
As a dad, a father.”
He said, “Given another chance, young child,
I’ll love you forever”

I said, “Father’s at the door, but he can’t come in”
I said, “I miss him but don’t let him in”
I said, “Father do you really miss me? Father, do you care?
Father turn around and walk out there.”

They said, “Hey little girl in her bedroom dark.”
They said, “Turn off the candles and blow out the light”
They said, “All you want is the love of your father,
But you don’t. But you do. But you don’t care.”

I said, “Daddy’s standing near but he can’t see me”
I said, “I’m hiding under the table, I can’t breathe”
I said, “Daddy walk away from me one last time.
I want you gone by the end of this line.”
Debbie Green
Written by
Debbie Green
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