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May 2015
Lost within my mind
As chaos ensues
Don't leave me stranded
The memories I can't lose

I need to feel
My scars so deep inside
As I wallow in the pain
Reminding me I'm alive

Fragility rattles
My layers within
The core of defying me
Where it all began

I open myself up
As I die again
I choke just to breathe
You seep through my skin

I can't be in the dark
Alone I"LL break
Feed upon my demons
Tell me lies to my face

Pain buried deep
I will never be whole
It will never leave
Defeated, I let go

Paralyzed in fear
Alone in my mind
I rip out my heart
I can't leave it behind

Tears of acid rain
Burn through my flesh
I'm never enough
Always second best

Regrets have stolen
My memories decay
Don't steal from me my horrors
Slowly I will fade

I give you my emotions
Dark and intense
As you have forsaken all I am
I have no defense

I lie within the ashes
The darkness my home
Devoured of memories
You have taken control
Sometimes the darkness steals the best of who we are.
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