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May 2015
Never has been spring so beautiful;
never has the moons and stars looked so bright;
never have I thought that this feeling could exist;
I've never felt this crazy before;
I've never been so excited to keep secrets to hold out against all odds and
say "I do";
never have I before looked at the sky and rain danced,
hoping that it would rain
never have i been an avid pulviophile
never have I written such cheesy poem;
never have I ever kissed you,
never have I ever felt your hair,never have I held your hand,
never have i said this to you;
you're the stars and moon to my solar system,
birds and bees to the flower,
night and day to the sun;
but as time goes by,
you grow old and so will this piece of art;
you may remember,you may not
as never ever has time dissapointed,
time you ****!.....
With age comes maturity so does death
Written by
potato  India
   Mya, tina and Isha
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