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Aug 2011
I love the yellow sun,
     the blue morning's sky,
          the countless colorful birds,
               quickly flying by.....

I love the radiating warmth,
     that kisses my smooth skin,
          tingles my tender heart,
               always makes me sing.....

I love the aqua ocean who's playful waves
     dance across the horizon,
          on brilliant sunny days......

I love the shadows that settle into night,
     that bring a cool quiet, as I gaze upon
          the starry. starlit night........

I love the silver moon,
     its smiling face afar
          which I could only wish to touch
                 assuring him,
                      I'm never very far......

I love the pouring rain,
     whether it be cool, or warm,
          for it feeds the heavenly flowers
               that line the greenest lawns......

     all I can ever say,
          is that I love this world so true,
               for its beauty,
                    its life,
                         its inclusion,
                              of someone as sweet
                                    as You!!!!
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
Written by
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
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