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May 2015
you are quiet,
you choose when to speak,
and you only do when its important.

and its beautiful,
so beautiful,
that my word ***** makes me feel so small looking at you.

maybe you think its beautiful,
that i get so nervous,
just hearing your voice.

seeing the look in your eyes when you smile.

and its platonic,
its platonic because i only see your soul,
i see how beautiful it is ,
and oh my.

oh my,
how i want to see beauty with you,
i want to talk to you.

i have fallen in love with you,

and thats a made up word,
but its what it is.

and oh god,
im sure you have flaws,
but ive never seen so much beauty in someone.

ive never seen a soul,
i saw your soul in your eyes.
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