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May 2015
"Just be yourself" they say,
as if being transgender was the same as liking to wear funky sweaters
or dying your hair every month.

There's no fun in panicking over where to use the restroom,
or the sting of pain when someone uses the wrong name or pronouns.

Everyone has a picture that all transmen love women and sports,
and transwomen love boys and dresses.
They yet to understand any difference and when they see it,
it's constant question and judgement.

If you really want me to "just be myself",
give me the right to do that without question.
Don't look at my eyeliner and ask "are you still a boy?"
Clothing does not invalidate gender.
My gender is my choice, not yours.
this is terrible.
Clothing doesn't make my gender any less valid, nor does how I choose to look.
Written by
Tristan  California
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