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May 2015
According to Cecil
I'm such a ****
More than slightly psychotic
Borderline *****

Cause I'm such a liar
Turn your back for a second
And I'll burn you like fire

Yeah cause according to Cecil
I'm just so rude
I'll dampen the mood
With my antisocial attitude

Don't touch me, I bite
Always looking for a fight
So don't get caught in my sight

Yeah cause according to Cecil
I ruin the art of writing
My works just not exciting
So terrible, that its frightening

Just so arrogant
Not a true artist, its apparent
Not to mention I've got no talent

Yeah  cause according to Cecil
I'm just not nice
As annoying as head lice
Cold as ice

I've got no friends,  can't you see
Cause there's so much wrong with me

And if you can see it all after only knowing me for an hour
Then it must all be true
More power to you
My 'friend' Cecil Miller.
Inspired by Cecil Miller and According To You by Orianthi
Ps I have nothing against Cecil, and I don't care how much hate I get for posting this. Anyone who wants to know the full story, need only ask.

Cecil Miller said:
"True enough. What do you do that is fan worthy? How many gigs do you play? Where might one be made a fan of whatever your talent may be? Forget it. You are too arrogant. If I could unfollow you, I would. Humility is with sincerity. You are not a true artist. You actually are pretty shallow. Now your poems, because a few of them were good...would just remind me of how rude you are. I am pleased you will not be writing, so I do not have to be reminded of how inconsiderate you are. You are the first person I am blocking. People like you would ruin the artistry of writing. I want no part of it."

Ps He actually didn't block me, I blocked him. Also **** it I'm meant to be taking a break.
Karl Franssen aka Bryson Flegg
Written by
Karl Franssen aka Bryson Flegg  That Place Where I'm From
(That Place Where I'm From)   
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