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Apr 2015
For Elijah
Who saw me as just another teenage girl
Whom he thought he could fix
After he unknowingly broke me

For Luke
Who was always too sweet to me
And didn't tell me until a year and a half later
That he only saw me as a sister

For Eric 1
Who shared his music with me
And started dating M
Before I could tell him

For Rusty
Who stabbed me in the back
With help from F
When neither of them were aware that they were holding knives

For Eric 2
Who reminded me of Rusty
And maybe that's the only reason
But who respected me without hesitation

For Cam
Who has a reputation of being nice
Who is problematic at times
And can't seem to leave my head
I've been trying to organize my thoughts on the last several guys I've had a thing for. These go from the summer before freshman year (Elijah) until the spring of junior year (Cam). The initials are the girls' last initials because I don't want to incriminate them. This is a work in progress because I will add more (possibly) as I admit to more crushes.
Erica M
Written by
Erica M
       Lior Gavra, Amira I, Anna Stockel, R, Creep and 12 others
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