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Apr 2015
three words come in different
forms and frankly
timing is everything
some wait a month and
tell you they love you in the same spot they first kissed you
others nonchalantly throw the phrase into a phone receiver
weeks after they meet you
and then there's always the one who
waited until you were in his bed
pants off and breathless
then months passed and he left you
so excuse me if my time is worth more than
typed out less than three
three words that are variables have to
be carried with more meaning than
the movie styled kiss in the rain or
preconceived ideals
love is after
and only after
three in the morning on a Tuesday
you've been crying since one
voices have been raised and you feel like everything has
changed and you just can't fight anymore
then the sun pours in through the blinds and
you open your eyes and
that next morning those familiar arms
are still around you
Morgan Bethaney
Written by
Morgan Bethaney  Russellville
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