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Apr 2015
I was drinking on the moon when I got a little sick
It was probably from the space toad I decided to lick
So I puked over the edge of the moon with ***** *****
As it hit the sky, it froze and turned into a nasty comet

As my comet flew through space, I hopped on with zero fears
As we zoomed through all the stars, traveling a few lightyears
And as we reach our buddy Pluto, the comet asks "Why so blue?"

Pluto simply stated "If you were a planet, and they told you that you weren't, you'd be upset too."

We let Pluto join us as we had our space fun
And we decided to head back around to the sun
But the sun melted Pluto and it melted my comet
When the sky was filled with my old *****

And as I float alone, I see Time's ever-dropping sands
As he swirls out from the hourglass, and I shake both his hands
I ask him for one more chance in this place
As he opens up his stopwatch face
And when he looks me in the eyes, he shakes his head
"You'll never learn. I'm sorry, no." is what Time had said
Arlo Disarray
Written by
Arlo Disarray  In your imagination
(In your imagination)   
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