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Apr 2015
Because when the darkness falls
Everything dies,
All the laughter will dissipate,
The smiles will fade away,
And the warmth will dissolve.
All that is left to do
Is surrender to the darkness
That falls
Letting it carry us down to dream lands,
Where night fairies come out to play
And whisper secrets into our ears.
Sometimes they turn into demons,
hoarsely approaching and letting terror crawl into our
mouths and ears and eyes.

But sometimes we don't have to face the silence.
Not anymore.
We can stand tall,
Refuse the demons
As the ashen world is lit
With electricity.
It runs through the world,
A rushing wildfire,
Dying and bursting here and there like sparks of fire brightly illuminating our world.
We don't have to face the danger of the nights alone anymore,
For now we have the best sword yet-
And we'll smile and laugh,
Keep going deep into the night even as the danger calls outside our protective shield of electricity.
Entering this for a contest. Cross fingers I win :3 comment with advive on how to change it, pwease?
Written by
Creep  F
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