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Apr 2015
Sitting on the ground
Sobbing without a sound
Wicked black blade to slender pale tan wrist
Long brown hair
Tears running down her still child like cheeks
Black shirt
Black skirt
Hand trembling as she tries to take her own life

Go on!

Do it!

No one cares!

Not about you!




No one loves you!

Cut it already!


The sobs become louder, more frantic
As she tries to take her own life

the voices cheer her on
Taunt her, tease her, cut her

The laughter of the other children
Echoes in her small ears

The fights of her mom and
New boyfriend flash in her mind

The sting of the willow branch across her bare back

Girls running circles around her making fun of the way she talked

Boys laughing, throwing rocks, breaking her things
And laughing as she cried

So here she is on the ground in the corner of the schoolyard
Ready to slice her veins, to watch her life drain

Finally a still small voice, just a tiny whisper
Made it through the rest and somehow through all the noise
The little girl heard it say...
Someone out there loves you...
the little girl dropped the black knife
And jumped to her feet
Ashamed that she had almost excepted defeat
Written by
Kitts  Washington, U.S.A
(Washington, U.S.A)   
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