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Apr 2015
I had a dream once lying next to you.
It was a girl
with the most beautiful bright eyes I had ever seen
and a little boy
with light hair and a grin I never wanted to say goodbye.
There was something different about them,
but something so familiar.
And in that second,
I knew they were mine.
I fought for us and for that future.
Waking up seemed like a cruel joke,
into this reality of emptiness.
I was holding on to you,
hoping that one day
we would have that home.
Letting go of you was letting go of the dream
I had so willingly believed.
For so long, I was angry that you took my dream.
You made it feel like a delusion.
Then, years after us,
I had it again
with the bright eyed girl
and the elated grinned boy.
And I knew, this wasn't a sign of my future with you,
it was a sign of my future without you
and just like that
I was free.
Elisa Holly
Written by
Elisa Holly  DALLAS
   RMBDUBS, MKJ, Stephanie, ---, --- and 1 other
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