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Jul 2011
The sky is cloudy then gradually turns black

No stars or mmon in the sky

In the distance you see

A streak of light across the sky

Followed by a booming sound

The air still with humidity

Reminding me when i was little

How my mother used to explain to me

About how the Greeks Gods were fighting

Then God started crying big drops of tears

The winds picked up howling like a child

in pain with each gust

The lights on the tower twinkling in the distance

wanting the comfort of my momma's body heat

I crept in the bed with her

Her soft voice as she reassured me everything

Will be okay answering my questions as

a mother would to her daughter

Sheltering me from this harsh world

As I grew up realize that a storm wasn't

Just the weather but goes on in life

The turmoil, the clash between negative and positive

The good and the bad

Written by
Quarnisha Williams
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