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Apr 2015
I want to tell you a secret
how toxic love take over your body
through the touch of my hand
it is my specialty
make my touch makes your heart of love
you fascinated
you fall in love
and you will obey all the things that I want

but it did not work my magic touch
if I do not touch
so I can only touch you
through writing poetry

all my writing is
about how you're so perfect
no defect
and no sin

all my writing is
about how the human heart can
accommodate the taste of love
as deep as ocean
as high as the sky
measuring the universe

and all this is about you
and you say without my magic touch
you're still going to fall in love with me
because you love me for anything
because you loved my voice
like my voice like church bells echo

you love my writing
as if it is a bible that you read
you love me
because I am me

I love you
poem i created when i was 18
Written by
shintaeun  in my own chapter
(in my own chapter)   
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