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Jul 2011
Seduction is the name of her game
A maneater with her claws out ready for the hunt
Sweet as honey but cold as ice
With an agenda on her mind she dresses for the night out
to hunt for her prey
She zero's in on her conquest, strategize,
then proceed with her unstoppable plan
She checks her appearance then goes in for the ****
Her plan is to take him home, drain him and to never see him again
Exchange no names, no numbers
just a friendly encounter
Thats how she likes it
After she's through with him
she dismisses him and goes on to the next hunt
In her eyes men are only there for one thing
After that they are of no use to her
After an encounter with her they are left confused and dazed
Wanting to know more about this seductress
that whirlwind into their lives
She devours them and leave nothing to chance
on a second meeting

Written by
Quarnisha Williams
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