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Apr 2015
I live in a lifeless society
This is a society where people are sad,
If they aren't sad they are full of joy;
They must have a nice life, hidden from the dangers and darkness.
This society looks down on people,
People who aren't perfect,
People who are different,
Β People who are teens,
People who aren't famous,
Girls without thigh gaps,
Girls that don't follow the trends,
Guys that aren't popular,
Guys that don't always get the girls,
People who are broken.
We are the broken,
We keep each other up;
While society beats us downΒ 
We remain strong for each other.
Some of us aren't strong enough,
Society beats us to death;
Giving us more reasons
To leave and escape our lives.
Our Society is lifeless,
Nobody can change it.Β 
Society doesn't care until you have disappeared;
Even then society will be lifeless.
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