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Apr 2015
What is love?
Is it that feeling
you get when you
look into my eyes?
Or is it that
first warm day of
the season type of
feeling? What is love?
I've always wanted to
know. But now that
I've met you I
know exactly what it
is. It's that warm,
fuzzy feeling inside when
you say my name,
smile my way, touch
me ever so lightly,
hug me in the
gentlest way, say those
words to cheer me
up, when you tell
a joke, when you
blush everytime you're around
me, talk about me
to other people, when
you see my face
in a picture. I
know what love is
now. Thanks for helping
me define it.
**You are love
Written by
the-devil-is-real  U.S.A
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