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Apr 2015
You pull rules out of your *****,
Over-punish the masses;
You stand for nothing
But you treat it like its something.

You blame others for your sins,
Break down if you don't win.
Shrug along like a depressing metal song,
Pretend like you were never ever wrong.

I was always called the badguy
For trying to change things for the better.
I was always your scapegoat
Everytime you ****** something up.

Now I called you a dictator,
I called you a *****.
I gave you the finger
And a piece of my mind.

I tried to be fair,
I tried to be just.
But you're so blind,
You've lost my trust.

I was always the first to see
Every other fallacy.
Your parental dogma of hope
Lost to your madness,
Lost to your fears,
Lost to your failures
Year after year.

But I'll tell you this
And I'll tell you once,
That isn't the way
To keep me from being free.

I know what I'm going to be doing,
I know where I'm going to go.
Just the thing is I never told you
Because I still don't know you,
Have faith, or trust, or comfort in you.
Gavin Barnard
Written by
Gavin Barnard  21/M/Michigan
   WistfulHope, AJ and Brian Payamps
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