Jan 2010

I watch as you take him
my chance falling fast,
I see as you steal him
from my grasp.

You know that I like him
yet you don't seem to care,
you know I've got a chance with him
yet you leave me none but Emo Bear.

I take the Bear's treasure
and feed it through my arm,
the pain is my pleasure
it shall do me no harm.

As the blood starts to run
the tears start to fall,
you stole away my fun
and that is not all.

When I rip the treasure
from my arm,
I fell the pleasure
it has done harm.

The sickness of your plan
and the sadness of your lie,
you know that I can
and do wish you would DIE.

You took away
what made me happy,
and everyday
your attitude is crappy.

Just because your life sucks
doesn't mean you have the right,
I've got some good luck

Thanks to you
I write this poem,
and thanks to you
it's sad, sick, and twisted.

Written by
Kali Namir
   Coral Reyes
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