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Apr 2015
We have the same sky

But different timezone

We have the same burning orbit that spreads light

But revolves in different phase

We stare at the same star

But burns differently

For the path we take will never cross at all

Because you and me

Will be forever lost

You have your day and i have my night

Your garden flourish with abudant of love

And mine wither and died

We long for each other’s arms

Wishing to be together again

But distance keeping us apart

Time is not on our side

For it will never be

Because you and me

Will be forever

Chasing one goal

Our pride kills us

You won’t back down

So do i

We end up losing grasp to want we wanted

Two hearts become one

One heart full of love

Ended living in separate world
this is what happen when pride takes over. You can overcome distance but doubts and pride will end your relationship.
Bas Aeon
Written by
Bas Aeon  mnl
   brxken, Iska, Hannah Beasley and SPT
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