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Apr 2015
the rental of this flesh
is just an art
a barricading border
protection of the soul
constructed from dirt
He use the most beautiful shade of brown
painting the most beautiful eyes
I have yet to see
the smoothest skin
I am blessed to feel
every day filled with 24 hours
His measurements are exact
completely perfected in a way
the sown wool placed on the crown
displays the royalty intended
captivating to the eyes intrigued
leaving each tongue breathless
certain hearts offended
But this is only flesh
the nose that they see
the frame that is mesmerizing
the soft voice that steals your ears
the smile that everyone seems to love
still is not Me.
it is only what He blesses you to see
I AM the divine vitals that manifests my blessings
my soul only the favored feels
I am not the black girl with big hair
I AM God's child with a testimony
A Story to share
from ear to ear
that has felt the loneliness
difficult to shake off.
Yet, completely possible

He gives this poet the words to speak

What you see still, is not me.
It is an art sculptured by God
to show how Incredible He IS
in one of the most simplest forms.
Written by
   Just a Fan
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