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Apr 2015
Dear reader, if you or someone you know is in a troublesome spot. Pass this along. For it is sure to be a helpful read.
You there! Yes you. I know not but your face, nor your story. But I know you feel less than yourself. And that's not ok. Some its just the blues. Down in the dumps.
But someone else could be seconds away from leaving this earth. And not coming back. I don't want that. I don't know who you are, but I would sure love too. I would love to know everything about you. Anyone would. And I know I am one person. But one conversation could help, it could keep you occupied. You could drop the pills, the gun, untie the rope. Step away from the edge, Take the bag off your head. Drop the blade. It could save you, I could help, Anyone could. We are all here for a purpose. Though I can't tell you how to fix what is wrong. I can give you the spark you need, the spark to re-light the flame that is dying inside you. And out burst a giant, beautiful soul full of joy and passion, ready to fight the sadness head on, ready to kick its **** and let happiness reign over you.
I understand the sadness. I'm sad, I always am. But knowing I helped someone feel better. is the best thing ever. It's the best drug you'll ever try. The euphoria you get from helping someone. It's an amazing thing. I love every person on this earth from the bottom of my heart. I love you all, whether you do something bad or you're a nobody. You all are my friends. And I am not leaving. So get used to my constant smile.
This jots around so much. But I hope the random happiness helps someone.
Quentin House
Written by
Quentin House  Willard, MO.
(Willard, MO.)   
   Gunnyr Johnson and SPT
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