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Mar 2015
My imaginary friend got kidnapped today,
My pet unicorn ran away,
The voices won’t talk to me in my brain,
Oh god I am going sane!
My straight jacket just came loose,
My left and right brain just made a truce,
There’s no poison in my rain,
Oh god I’m going sane!
The shadows aren’t chasing me,
The psych ward just set me free,
I can’t feel my tail not even when it’s in pain,
Oh god I’m going sane!
The doctor said I need no more pills,
My right hand lost it’s free wills,
Somethings finally right in my brain,
Oh god I’m going sane!
There are no worms in my nose,
Cartoon characters suddenly only exist in shows,
And theres no bomb on my toy train,
Oh god I’m going sane!
Big foot and the tooth fairy wont visit me anymore,
And school is a total bore,
Blood is red not rainbow in my vein,
Oh god I’m going sane!!!
Crimson Willow
Written by
Crimson Willow  Corydon
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