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Mar 2015
I am at our favorite coffee place and immediately ordered my favorite. I took a sip. It burned a part of my tongue. It was when I realized it’s never so good to hustle. “There’s time for everything,” they said. It’s both true and otherwise. There’s enough time for everything, and since I had considered you as my everything, there was enough time for us. And when it’s us we’re talking about, there’s nothing and no one else. Two people, couple, pair, partners, tayong dalawa lang, only the two of us. In reality, we don’t have the time for everything, we only have time for our selected priorities. Funny how my world revolved only with you before. Never had it occurred to me that it wasn’t my time I was spending with you but yours solely. Everything was mostly about what you wanted for us, never what I wanted for us and most especially for myself. They said true love hurts, and that it should. Do we really want to believe that *******? Isn’t love supposed to be making us better, happier and stronger individuals? Love never told you to give her everything she’d want. Love never obliged for a date every month. Love never asked for a bouquet of flowers whenever someone steps out of the room. Love didn’t make you feel insecure. Love didn’t tend for you to be jealous all the time. Love didn’t want you to become selfish. These are only actions resulted from your loving. I never wanted to associate love with hurt. God didn’t put that into our heads. And our hands were beautifully made to caress. Our eyes to see beyond what’s visible. Lend me your ears, I was created with a tongue to utter the words that could save us for telling the truth: So I patiently waited for my coffee to get warmer. Thinking, I deserve this one. I prepared almost two hours for this, drove miles and saved enough. The next time I take a sip of love, it won’t hurt anymore, for I wasn’t created to be burned, especially by you.
Axl Rose
Written by
Axl Rose  Manila, Philippines
(Manila, Philippines)   
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