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Mar 2015
I cope through poetry. I cope by confessing through writing what I cannot say yet want to convey. So here it goes: I suppose you wonder why I went astray, in my mind, in our reality, why I packed up and left, as if I wanted to forget, how much we meant to each other; my brother: if you knew how I wept in your absence--I hate to think of you as past tense, but know this: I did not dismiss your heart but rather I wanted a new start, and it's still for you my love burns and one day I will return.
I know it's concerning but my love's still burning, for it's you I adore like no one before, and now in the moment I'm torn with great torment, wondering if in time you might change your mind, and yet while it's my doing, it's just you I'm pursuing.
Though my presence may lack, I expect to come back, and return to your arms, free of all mental qualms, though I am a bit queer, my affection perseveres, and don't get me wrong, it's been you all along, I just needed some time, to find what's going through my mind, and I admit I got scared, for such love I felt unprepared, but my feelings are discerning and it's you for whom I'm yearning, and although I hesitate, I hope you can endure the wait; please just say you won't perish boo because I love and cherish you, but should you say we're done, just know I had a lot of fun, and I would never ever spite you, because love, there's no one like you; I'll never forget you and I'm so happy I met you.
L A Lamb
Written by
L A Lamb
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