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Mar 2015
Words and sentences taking you on a trip
Each step with an individual scene being your tip
Who done it being the poet’s mysterious ways
A time to wonder, but in how many days
A murdered body was found
There was no movement not even a sound
Yet the Poet’s words have you spell bound
A knife was found in the victim’s heart
This is your clue and you know where you must start
Now please start thinking in being your mark
The question being why was the victim murdered to death
You have a matter of days to thinking left
There was an argument over a particular document trust
The guilty of one in this hands being involved a must
However another name that was put on the document trust
The killer could still be standing among us

This is where it all became a fuss
The Document trust had valuable fortunes that the killer wanted personally to use
The evidence surely with finger prints that won’t excuse
Yet a victim has been eliminated because of a right to purposely refuse
Timing not being right
The killer full of fire and very uptight
The Mystery Poetry Theater became a plight
Again, a Poet’s words to help see the light
Since mystery has been revealed
We are getting closer to the case being a seal
Mystery Poetry Theater with words that introduced the thought
Later it became a mission being a sought
The mystery in shading the light
The obvious being in plain sight
The solve being what was expected and what the outcome could be
You found the evidence of what you did see
Goodbye from Mystery Poetry Theater
The clues you explored and leaving nothing ignored.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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