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Mar 2015
I will wait for you.
I will follow you.

Break me. Beat me. Use me. love me.
I am yours
I have let go of control.

I have lost what it means to be human.

You break me till I fall to my knees.
But you love me all the way down.

You cut me open and kiss the wounds with salt upon your lips.
Sweet evil ruler of my mind body and soul, don't ever release me from this beautiful cursed bond.
Don't leave me to wander around lost and confused.

I need your hate. I need your love.
I need this exotic abuse.
So rare that few have tasted.

I don't understand this form of love, but you are the ruler of this love.

You know how much to torture.
You know how much to love.
You give enough and take plenty.

King of darkness and yet some how you shine light.      
Pushing me away to draw me near.
Dominating me and giving me power.
What is this madness?
Why can't I stop?
Your the most addictive drug and I will never quit.

My king of madness, I bow to you.
Written by
Jazmine  Virginia
   No Nahme and Marcos Leão
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