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Mar 2015
Warm, cold, rain, sleet, hail, snow. Fire.
No matter the condition I would always see you.
No matter the weather, no matter the storm.
You can't stop my love.
Don't even try.
A pointless effort.
But you can slow it down.
My heart is yours, as yours is mine.
But sometimes I think.
Back in time.
To the time with Kody.
I warned you, I did.
"He's a good guy.. Just misunderstood."
"Oh people make rumors about him."
If it's true then it's not a rumor.
At the time I longed for your love.
You had another. I didn't bother with it.
Just let my mind race on, my heart beat on.
Then one day. A 'Bing' from my phone.
"*** Quentin, what do I do?"
I didn't reply. Not for days.
I knew what you did, at the time.
I could care less, I didn't pity you.
You didn't believe me, so I saved my breath.
You almost went all the way.
I was shocked, broken.
Even if I didn't Show it.
Four years ago.
You made a promise.
Forever and always.
Well that always didn't happen.
To get on the right path.
You kissed another guy, then another.
I couldn't get mad. We were not dating.
But you've changed, I can see it.
I don't understand why people don't believe me.
**** your flaws.
**** your past.
**** the negative feelings.
**** anything to put you down.
This is not My love story.
But Ours
And it's gonna be great.
I'll pave the road.
Make it the smoothest ride.
This is not a slam poem in the slightest.
The girl I talk about in this is Emalie and as of typing this we are still together, and things cannot get bad.
Quentin House
Written by
Quentin House  Willard, MO.
(Willard, MO.)   
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