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Mar 2015
((             ))
                                                        Demons !


See all the businessmen

Dancing slimy Paedophiles

******* with each other

On the beach at dawn

Ooh ooh ooh

Bombs are falling on the children

Flesh is burning we are wondering

When will Joey come back again

And **** me numb

ooh ooh ooh


Tea party communist ISIS terrorist

New York Yankees Steroid using  
Home run hitting old man



Oh we

Take our dying so seriously

Throw our lives away

Praying to illusions

For god knows whose sake !


What we see is what we get

We ain't seen each other yet

We don't know the HOLY BREATH !

we cry to no one at all

We don't care if some other falls

We take ourselves so seriously

Knowing we are nothing


Than silliness


A human being


Businessmen are Paedophiles

Children are burning in the streets

We act like filthy lumps of meat

To be used and abused for free

Ooh ooh ooh

Ooh ooh ooh

We take them so seriously

As we lie broken on the floor

As we lie there so whorishly

Trying to sell ourselves for MORE
Written by
jeffrey robin
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