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Mar 2015
The Sun begins to rise as I lay here in bed,
Listening as these questions repeat in my head. I know I should be sleeping, but I choose to listen instead.
Searching for an answer, but most are left unsaid.

Another sleepless night, as a new day begins.
These nights are becoming dreadful, as the days begin to blend.
If only I had answers, these questions would finally end.
But my thoughts are in tangles and my focus begins to bend.

Days become a struggle just to do the best I can.
I know I need your help, im reaching for your hand.
I heard that you were with me, even when I chose to sin.
If so, dear lord I ask,  rid my life of these troubles and lift me up again.

I thought I was dreaming when I saw the bright light.
Two hands lowering down upon me from somewhere in the sky
I watched in disbelief,  startled  by such a sight,
As these great hands began to open, revealing scenes from my life.

Some of these images were difficult to see
I even closed my eyes during most of the scenes.
I was in disbelief of these things I had seen.
Dreadfully knowing these were images of me.

The scenes of my life disappeared with the light.
And a cold silence swept through the vast night.
Too ashamed to speak or to even be alive,
I lowered my head and awaited the verdict, for the sins of life.

After several minutes of silence, I looked up in fear.
And was shocked to see the dear lord in tears.
I asked him, "dear lord why cry over me? I have spent life in sin as we saw in these scenes."
With eyes filled with sadness he looked down on me and in a deep, trembling voice he suddenly began to speak. " I love you my son and there is good in your heart. You asked for my help tonight because you were falling apart. It saddens me to watch as you live your life this way. If only you would call upon me more often, you would see better days."

Suddenly with a jolt, I awoke in my bed.
Apparently it had been a dream,
I wasn't standing before the Lord and I wasn't dead.
I sat up and began to remember, as I wiped the sweat from my head .  
My heart was still pounding and my face was flushed red.

While thinking of the dream, I noticed a difference about this day.
I had woke up with no worries, no troubles or pain.
Realizing this was a blessing, a second  chance to change.
I hit my knees and with all my heart, I desperately began to pray.

"Dear lord, I thank you for your blood, your care and your tears. I see the importance of life now, my eyes are finally clear. I pray that you join me, right here by my side. I know my past was filled with regret, but back then I was blind. With your help, dear lord, I can make a new life. Together we can walk the path that leads  to your light. "

- Brandon Stephenson
A sinners story
Brandon K Stephenson
Written by
Brandon K Stephenson  28/M/Bossier City, La.
(28/M/Bossier City, La.)   
       Tracy Lynn Stephenson, --- and Nicole
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