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Mar 2015
Desmond sits casually slumped in the passenger seat of the infamous pt cruiser belonging to the one and only Pablo. Yes ladies and gents Paul Thornton himself in the flesh sat along side him in the drivers seat hands placed on wheel, at 10 and 2 of course, eyes closed, head bowed almost as if silently giving thanks to the artists who's lyrics he was lost in right now. Giving praise. A church he gives no **** about being in. Because he enjoys every moment of it. Parked crookedly yet perfectly on the curb outside of Desmond's house. Just listening to music. Talking about the effect Xanax had on one of the best people we will ever meet in our lives. And realizing what could happen if the limit he knew was ever pushed, Paul slowly yet calmly asks him the question;"why not **** with Xanax anymore dude "push the limit?"" And in that moment I swear I fell in love with him a little more. Desmond calmly replied ;"why die now? There's too much to live for." I love these people.
A small narration of a high nights end with my closest friends. A little look into the beauty of the simplest things that will change us forever.
Alicia D Clarke
Written by
Alicia D Clarke
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