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May 2015
Flower child,
they tell me that I can't afford to give my love away for free
quantifying it is a limited good
as though I am passing my self-worth out like candy to greedy children
leaving nothing left for me

Flower child,
they tell me that if I must speak
that I must shout to be heard
should my soft speech and gentle words be swept away
in the strong tide of self interest

Flower child,
they tell me I must dress in uniform
but I fear that I will drown in the sea of normalcy
unable to swallow air through the tightness of my collar and heaviness
of pin-striped monotony

Flower child,
is it so bad to love unboundedly?
to channel strength through vulnerability?
to let one's soul greet the eyes of a stranger?
Written by
   Wide eyed and Minnie Blow
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