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Jun 2011
Honestly I do love you Jill
well maybe it's lust.
Ah what did I say your still
as beautiful it's just.
Well we all age with time
it's not a crime.

Honestly I do feel the same
how we met was odd.
An accident I took the blame
when on your foot I trod
Did not see you with the tray
then on the floor you lay.

Tripping over you with my drink
staining your new dress.
At the time what I said I didn't think
you already looked a mess.
It was really taken out of context
you were very vexed.

But we put that all behind us
our first anniversary.
I know you don't want a fuss
it's not true it was scary.
Honestly the year has been great
though this I could debate.

Sorry Jill just a slip of my thoughts
you are my lovely wife.
I like it when you wear your **** shorts
it's a compliment on my life!
Yes I'll lower my voice in the restaurant
if that's what you want.

Her's to our second year together
no I'm not looking at that lady!
Well alright I do work with Heather
there's nothing shady.
Honestly there's nothing between us
why are you making a fuss?

Surely it's best to drink the wine
not throw the bottle at my head!
Honestly Jill I'm innocent your divine
you're going home to bed?
Please stay I've booked us into to a hotel
you don't mean go to hell!

Please don't go I'll get the bill and pay
shame you threw the cake.
To much drinking is that the reason
or is our marriage out of season?

Here's looking forward to another year
honestly I do love you dear!

The Foureyed Poet
The course of true love often does not run smoothly! The Foureyed Poet.
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