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Jun 2011
& I find myself staring at the moon
basking in her light
hoping she will give me guidance
praying she will help me fight

& I feel that God is in the rain
perhaps those drops are his tears
I see them fall to earth
then I know that he can hear

& I see the stars withall their gleam
they glow above without a care
showing me there is always light
there is always someone there

& I watch the clouds roll by
they block out all the bad
with every storm that passes through
it takes with it all the pain I had

& I know the sun burns hot
his heat would leave me asking
will your warmth always be around
now I know his fire is ever lasting

& as long as I have the moon
the clouds, the rain, the sun
the infinte sky of stars
then my life will never come undone
Marina Gomez
Written by
Marina Gomez
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