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Jun 2011
Waves are hurled from the sea
Smacking the rocks with chaotic symmetry
The sand is bothered yet not unmoved
Unsure what the water tried to prove
The sand settles down as it should be
And the waves are called back by the sea
The water whips and falls unforgiving
A body of water truly living
For this emotion could come from nothing less
Than an angry soul caught in distress
Hurt and reliving
A cruel reality deceiving
This pain is what throws the water around
What makes the waves crash to the ground
The sea is in love with the land
And desperately tires to capture the sand
There is no sadder sound
Than a lover losing a love found
But such is the tale of land and sea
A constant struggle of crossed destinies
As the water re-tracks, the land breaks apart
Shaken to the core by its broken heart
Like the water, the land wishes to be free
And wants more than a kiss as the waves leave
The land prays the water to return
And extinguish the passion that burns
Because the land is in love with the sea
And curses the forces that wont let them be
Dear reader, might you never learn
What it truly means to want and yearn
Each in love and unable to speak
The sea dries up and the land grows bleak
A tragedy given a voice
Through pen marks and word choice
In nonexistence, I believe them together
Cosmically intertwined forever
Marina Gomez
Written by
Marina Gomez
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