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Jun 2011
It all started with the rain
The pitter patter slowly driving me insane
And yet I couldnt complain
Though my words dripped with disdain

I enjoyed the idea of losing my mind
The thought that I could let it all unwind
Because the restrictions of life do tightly bind
This disease is the best kind

I can hide it if I need
But my heart it does bleed
And my head cant take the lead
My body no longer has the creed

To hold it all together
My sanity is lost forever
This cant happen to me, it could never
And here I am crazier then ever

And as I tried to embrace my new surrounding
I could only hear my heart pounding
The thought of this new mentality was confounding
I just wanted the voices to stop their constant hounding

Did you just hear what I just said
Im haning on by only a thread
Have I already made my bed
And all my rights have been read

Has all the hope finally left me
Has it ran off with my mind to let me be
Maybe they wanted to set me free
And insanity was the only way I could see

But It all started with the rain
Each drop reflected the pain
Symbolizing the emotional drain
Flooding my reality and driving me insane

And now I sit and wait
Even though I know its too late
It was all a trap and I took the bait
Winding up crazy was fate

Acceptance, sudden realization
Not an ounce of hesitation
No more complication
Finally the end, no more deprivation
Marina Gomez
Written by
Marina Gomez
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