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Mar 2015
"i love you"
you can say it time and time again
you've never been in love the way you are now
pure and innocent
like flowers that have just bloomed
(so beautifully, you can't see)
fragrant bouquets
you have created like a skilled florist
in a dying, abandoned town

you've never held someone's hand the way you do now
comforting and desperate
like a baby's grip
(you don't ever have to let go)
on a touched mother
who never existed and never breathed
amongst our pathetic little crowns

you've never been understood the way you are now
completely and wholeheartedly
like a wonderfully written song
(your voice is my favourite tune)
absolute harmony
we have perfected and sung sanguinely
in a world full of noise
but know that it won't matter
for all of you is love to me

// please remember that strength and brokenness don't mend well together, but darling, i'm willing to scream at the top of my lungs while you whisper lullabies to me because you are my constant in a world full of change. and i know we may be puzzle pieces still searching, but with some scissors and glue, we may become a perfect fit, ready to start anew. //
Eunice Amor Oh
Written by
Eunice Amor Oh  Singapore
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