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Mar 2015

is easy
and sometimes casual
like a sundress from one shoulder,
or palms with a cheek perched in
staring from the brasserie awning
during lunch
after the drinks came.


is often paralyzing
like turning an eye
to the mystery of the sea
with it's lurid invitations,
and where many great things
have been carried to
and vanished within.
Or more tragically
they have found something else
on the other side of.


is usually terrible,
because you are so ravishing in yellow,
which is difficult for most people
to be. And more importantly,
Because I know the sea
was not broken
by the many that crossed before,
and the very few who walked away
upon it,

And right now
it is because I look
at you
and you look to the sea.

Work in progress
Written by
Jory  Chicago
       Short, ---, ---, My name is a lie, --- and 4 others
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