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Mar 2015
United we stand
Divided we fall
This Nation is Grand?
No, not at all

Hatred for a human being
Because one doesn't understand
I can't believe what I am seeing
I can't believe this land

Cover our eyes from the truth
Plug our ears to their words
Quiet them down, remain aloof
Pretend they never heard

This can't be the land of the free
The land of the very brave
Tears, fear and death I see
This is America the Grave
I am utterly speechless. Today began as any day does, and ended with my eyes seeing clearly how deep this problem is. Today over 100 students in my school, mostly Muslim, felt that they needed to protest just for them to be heard. Discrimination is at large. Our administration has turned a blind eye to them, and in thus they have let down a large part of our student body. To feel harassed and discriminated against, even unsafe at times, should never be allowed. I am disgusted not only with our administration, who instead of hearing these kids out, decided to put our school in a containment that also took away from our learning, but also the students. We as people belong. We as people deserve the freedom to religion, appearance, language, and life. Stop the hate.
Katlyn Orthman
Written by
Katlyn Orthman  19/F/Minnesota
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