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Mar 2015
Morning is my favorite time of the day.
I'm always up early, downing a *** of coffee.
Time to take my Buddy out to play.
The sun is just coming up.
Buddy grabs his stuffed animal.
Today it was a giraffe.
And off we go down the street.
Buddy and me with my coffee cup.
The birds are singing, it's music to my ears.
How can such a little creature sound so beautiful?
It's funny how while walking you can see
nature in action. Tree's poppin, birds singing,
squirrels racing around the tree, for one has that one
walnut that fell off the tree.
Oh look theres two, three, four Mallard ducks,
on the ground under an evergreen...yes
Walking by the creek I see a muskrat swimming,
and then dives into the hole on the side which would
be his home.
And Buddy look here comes another dog called Smokie
We meet and Buddy and Smokie wag tails and sniff
noses, and off we go in different directions.
By now I'm holding Buddys stuffed giraffe,
an empty coffee cup.
Home we go.
Now i'm ready to start my day.

by ~ judy
I wrote this last year...
Written by
Judypatooote  ohio
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