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Mar 2015
Seconds slither as if Years,
Minutes meander like Months,
and Hours can hover for Weeks.
Days become what's done with them,
while Weeks can feel like Hours,
Months move by like Minutes,
and Years tick as if Seconds.

Yet, somehow,
it all surely adds up;
so, seek they all count.

Mortality is Time
on loan from the Universe/Tao/God/etc.
As per the contract that is blood,
the debt is to be paid in full and collected for the All
by none other than Death: among the more loyal of entities.
(Yes, harsher loan sharks than Death do exist!)

Point is:
Live it up while you can,
whatever that may mean to you.

It's not about softening the blow,
it's about leaving an impact.
Preferably a good one.

Ultimately, that choice-
that responsibility-
is wholly yours to bear.

Would you trust you?
Would you trust me?

Thus must One
tread lightly, yet decisively.

Pay attention
to each and every second,
whether on the outside or in.

By patience and self-discipline
One may come to see
Out and In are really One.

A perfect circle.

Choose to live,
don't just *be alive.
Twixt the lines,
circles beget spirals.
Spiral out. Keep going.

"To dismiss as 'Dark' is to eclipse what complementary Light!"

Anubis the Philosomancer
Written by
Anubis the Philosomancer  29/We're all a bit mad here.
(29/We're all a bit mad here.)   
     ru, PrttyBrd, Kelly Rose, ---, --- and 2 others
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